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08 novembre 2017

Market day

Yes! It's Saturday today!

Every Saturday we go shopping."Oh, it's probably not fun for you, you know shopping in Tesco", but here it is an exciting thing. We have to do it early in the morning because it's boiling.

As soon as I arrived at the market from a long trip bus to bus, colours flamed all over the place. I could see houses of every single colour you can imagine: bright pink, purple, blue, yellow, not like the the white and grey houses you get in England and the fruit is different to the usual pears 🍐 and apples 🍎 or oranges 🍊. Here instead you get passion fruit which looks like monkey's brain inside but is still delicious, or skin ups. Golden apples can be very sour, plantans look like a massive banana but you fry it instead (I have them every day for breakfast). Unfortunately is not mango season. There are actually much more fruits but it would take me almost the whole year to write them all down.

The market is in the main town (St Georges), by the water on the hot tar coated road under the blazing sun☀️. Some people sell on the pavement under a piece of cloth for shade, others sell in colourful wooden shacks off the back of thier trucks.(I would never sell there, it's too hot!) Fish 🐟 and meat 🍖 are sold under some sort of roof, unfortunatly there is not air conditioning. As soon as you enter the fish🐟 market a strong smell of fish wafts up your nose. If you look in thier display tubs, you will see fish of all different shapes and size, patterns and colours. We usually buy tuna but last time we tried shark. I didn't like it that much, was too gummy. We don't buy chicken or meat because it's full of flies and fat. They sell goat sadly!

There is music 🎶 everywhere, mostly reggae.









The majority of sellers are women, they are beautiful with brightly coloured turbans in their hair, some even carry baskets on their head. The tropical dresses with their dark skin underneath look fantastic.

Because is so hot I buy these juices in a plastic bag (I usually take passion fruit). Its practically a juice in a clear plastic bag tied up so you have to bite a hole at the edge of the back to suck the juice out.

At the end of the day, me and my sister Nina insisted on getting an ice cream 🍦which melted in seconds!

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01 novembre 2017







It Was HALLOWEEN yesterday🎃!!!!!! 

It was hot and there was not much wind.

My outfit was the same as it was at the disco but my face paint was better. It looked as if my nose was thinner, my cheeks were bony, my skull looked hollow and I wore my hair in two messy pig tails. My clothes looked as if I had just fallen in to a ditch, they were all ripped up and full of red paint🎨.  Although my halloween costume had holes in it I was boilling🔥because my trousers were thick and it was day time☀️.

At first we went to "Siorsa Mor",our friends' boat, to get our face paint done, once we were sorted we dinghied  over to Secret Harbour. 

It was a really long ovenlike tiring walk to Prickley Bay. Sometime later we arrived. There were loads of kids but before joining them we had  to get changed. After that we started to organise who went in who's dinghy. (I went in Paco and Luna's dinghy).

Adventure started.We went looking for yellow flags on boats anchored  in the bay or people waving their hands all over the place which was a sign that they had sweets 🍬🍬🍬🍬on board. We collected loades of sweets and once there were none left, we started to trade them at the bar.

One of my favourite sweets were the green and blue 'jolly rochos' the second you put them in your mouth it started to water. (The green one's flavour was green apple and the blue one's were blue raspberries.) Not even one of the sweets was even close to the english's one. Practically all the lollies🍭 have bubble gum in them and the colours are strange. For example the mint sweets are red, wight, and green in stripes. It was my first haloween in the heat and in the Caribbean.


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Dear reader, I'm Kim

I am going to tell you about my life on the boat, we have decided to spend a year on our sailing boat in the Caribbean.

It's Halloween next Tuesday but yesterday there was a sort of disco in the marina. I danced all night and played stuck in the mud with some kids ( their face paint was amazing)We didn't get to trick or treat😤 but we did dress up (I was a zombie) instead on Halloween we are going on a dingy and trick or treating on the boats ( can't wait.)😂

Oh I Almost forgot we went to town before the disco, we go every week to get food and we try to be as quick as possible because it is really hot. Dad had to go somewhere to get boat stuff so we waited for him at marketing board which is where we get fruit. Dad was late so in the meanwhile we went to a chocolate shop, where they let me make coco balls and I got to bring it home or should I say to the boat ⛵️. We also got this coco butter that is good for your skin, sunburns and things like that.

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