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Dear reader, I'm Kim

I am going to tell you about my life on the boat, we have decided to spend a year on our sailing boat in the Caribbean.

It's Halloween next Tuesday but yesterday there was a sort of disco in the marina. I danced all night and played stuck in the mud with some kids ( their face paint was amazing)We didn't get to trick or treat😤 but we did dress up (I was a zombie) instead on Halloween we are going on a dingy and trick or treating on the boats ( can't wait.)😂

Oh I Almost forgot we went to town before the disco, we go every week to get food and we try to be as quick as possible because it is really hot. Dad had to go somewhere to get boat stuff so we waited for him at marketing board which is where we get fruit. Dad was late so in the meanwhile we went to a chocolate shop, where they let me make coco balls and I got to bring it home or should I say to the boat ⛵️. We also got this coco butter that is good for your skin, sunburns and things like that.