As I carefully slid open the ice dungeon door, I realised the place had no roof. I felt the cold wet rain trickle down my neck. I was just about to leave when I bumped into something wet. It felt a bit like a scruffy soggy blanket. As I bent down to examine the object, I could hear the scraping of claws on the cold stone floor.  Quickly I stood up astonished to see the creature grow, tingiling head to toe.

Pulling my arms around my face, I waited and waited bracing for pain to arrive, but nothing happened. Forcing down my trembling arms I saw a dark confused face staring at me. So slowly and comforting I touched the creature. It had a long thin nose with emerald green eyes. I smelt a hint of wet dog around me but it couldn't be, it seemed more wild. Just then I heard footsteps and the door suddenly flung open and closed with a thud...

I hid just in time as a powerful looking man stormed in shining his torch at a blanket."Was it all my imagination?" I asked myself, but then a baby wolf tumbled out, "I was scared of that?", I said chucking.But as I looked closer I realised the cub was limping and obviously badly treated and that was when I noticed an electrified collar around her neck. Suddenly a man shouted " hey boss come and check this out".

As I watched him slump off I tried to pull my pocket knife avoiding being caught and without hesitation I run up to the cub and sliced open the collar. Scooping  her into my arms I ran for my life. I could almost feel the warm stinky breath of the man behind me. I was about to give in, but he did instead. That was it. The cub was free.


By Kim Stella Sanders