You know I live on a boat, but I haven't told you what happens on board!

Our boat is called Cocolo. Cocolo is a sailing boat with one mast, a main sheet and a very big steering wheel. The hull is white with a thin blue line and a red bottom. The name of the boat is written on the stern (the back) right next to the platform that my Dad made ( so you can swim, dive off it, etc.) Cocolo is 52 feet (which is quite big for a boat).

if you climb up the platform on the boat you will find yourself in the cockpit ( which is where the steering wheel is). The cockpit a bit like a living room but outside. Oh, I almost forgot we have TORTOISES 🐢! It's hard work but fun. We have two tortoises Crazy and Pebbles. Last year we only had Crazy. She used to be smaller than my palm, but now she barely fits in both of my hands put together! Anyway Pebbles is a bit bigger than Crazy used to be. We have a chart saying...

CRAZY & PEBBLES like to eat...






Eggs 🍳



Pumpkin 🎃 

Tomato 🍅 

Cheese 🧀 


Grapefruit ...

and many more things.

Usually me and Nina put them outside in the cockpit for the day, in the evening we put them in a small box for sleeping covered with black cloths.

Andy (our friend) lent us the tortoises! Did you know that tortoises are cold blooded animals? They can also live up to more than 100 years old! I like the tortoises because they are like a friend, but it's quite unpleasant when they have to use the toilet, it's not that fun.( unfortunately we only had them for a month and a half because we were heading North).


- The shell is 60 different bones.

-Pregnant females will burrow and lay up to 30 eggs 🍳 ,they will leave them to incubate and hatch entirely on their own.

- Altough they have no teeth they have strong mouths with horned hedges.

- The Galapagos tortoises are the biggest tortoises in the world and males weigh over 200kg (440 lbs) on average.

- As we get energy from food, they get energy from the sun ☀️.









Crazy is the one with the two yellow dots on her back, that Andy painted on so he didn't forget who was who.