As I sat at the bow watching Cocolo soaring through the Dominican water outside the 1000m contour, I felt myself moving up and down with the waves. Every time I went up I could feel as I had butterflies in my belly. Gradually I was giving up to see Sperm Whales.

After a bit, I started thinking of completely irrelevant things, but I got interrupted by my Dad telling me to come back. As I was doing so, I heard my Mum shout "WHALES!" At first I thought she was just saying it so I would come back to the cockpit. So that's what I did. Just then I saw one, no two, no three but four sprays of water. Quickly we tacked. Immediately we started to move closer. As I watched the whales getting nearer I rushed towards the bow to get a better look. I watched them as if I was hypnotised by their pearl black and shiny skin. They were so elegant not even a ballerina could have beat them!

There we were witnessing a miracle! I observed the elegant creatures puffing out water like a volcano whilst gliding through the sea. It was an amazing sight. There is only one word for this, magical! Their head was unique, how it just stopped as if the rest had got chopped off and there was only one square left. Something about their face makes them look harmless and playful like in a fairy tale.

I moved my eyes from the head to some mountain like bumps that shone in the sunlight followed by a tail. Wow! That was amazing! Their tails one by one shining in the sun and before I knew it they were gone for a deep dive. We knew we wouldn't see them again before an hour, so we started moving again. I have no words but Wow!
Even though it was only 15 mins, they were one of the best of my life.