Malaga 18th October 1484

Dear Majesty,

I'm writing with regard to the voyage I intend to complete across the Ocean Sea. I have a theory that if we travel West we will be able to find a shorter sea route to the Orient.
We could achieve unimaginable wealth, increase Spain's political influence and trading power.
As evidence to support my request I can produce a series of drift wood, plants and feathers from unknown birds which have been carried by the wind and tide from an not yet known land to the West. I have also been studying and recording winds and tides for many months to plan the start of the journey with the most favourable weather conditions.
For this voyage to succeed I will need good ships and strong willing men to sail them.A reasonable amount of food will be required too.
In return for my efforts in our endeavour I request the following reward. I would want my son and descendants to have wealth throughout their lives, and for myself a healthy percentage of the profits.

Your humble servant.

Christopher Columbus