As you may know, Dominica has been hit by the devastating hurricane Maria.

When me and my family approached, we saw a dry and dead island. Everything that used to be once so green became grey. Everyone has been trying to do everything they can to help them recover.
To support this, me , Nina and Francesca, went as volunteers to a horse riding stables. To help look after the horses meanwhile a couple of other people tried to harden the ground, because every time the horses tried to walk, their hooves would sink into the ground, which has been flooded by the river during Maria.

The second time we went to the island I heard a song, that at first I thought was rubbish, but as I listened to the words, I understood how important that song was to the locals. This is what he sang "bring it back, bring it back, bring back the trees, bring back the tourism, bring back our island, bring it back, bring it back." It was the meaning, the meaning not to give up.

For some reason, the second time we went, I felt happy for the island because Dominica was getting green again. As a security man told me ,"Dominica is coming back to life ".