Yesterday, after we went to visit another Tayana 52 (which is the same as our boat) We had a short sail from Union Island to the Windward village in Carriacou. When we arrived, me, my parents and some friends went to shore. As we stepped on the dry and powdery sand, I saw a sign saying 'boat building site' with an arrow pointing to the right. Of course me and my family had come here countless times before, so I knew exactly what it was. It's where they build the Carriacou sloops (which are the traditional trading boats under sail). When we finished walking down the windy lane beside the sea, I saw a beautiful wooden structure of the sloop. Its big bendy wooden beams shining in the sunlight. Once we stopped gazing and admiring it, we turned around back towards the dingy dock where there was a path that led to the road.

Now we were on the nearly carless road. Having ran to catch up with my friend Zoe, together we walked down the never ending road. I saw friendly faces looking at us. Amongst the people there were goats, dogs and sheep beside us. As we dragged our feet along the road panting, a brown well fed dog tailed us until we arrived to a bush with beautiful red and black seeds. I picked some, stuffed them in my pocket and carried on...walking.

After what felt like hours, finally I saw the adults come to a halt next to a sign saying 'Turtle egg beach', so we walked on the sandy path and shortly we found ourselves following a trail with conch shells on either side. And now we were on the beach (really I don't know why it was called Turtle egg beach, because there weren't any).
We skipped and ran across the beach. For some reason when I stepped on that flat beach I felt like I was ruining a piece of art.

I trotted along the sand looking for shells, I listened to Alan say how it was a perfect kite boarding spot.
Five minutes later we came to a big green wooden structure which happened to be a high platform for bird watching.
Once me and my parents climbed up the ladder, Liz ( Alan's wife) told us to smile and took a picture.

It was an amazing view of the Grenadines islands that looked like a scrunched up piece of paper floating like a raft upon the glass like sea.