I don't know how it happened, where I was, or why I was there. I was just there in the right place at the right time to see it happen... to see the magic.

Now I will tell you my secret story. I remember walking out my front door and seeing the usual forest, I don't know what made me do it, but it felt right. I stepped on to the dry leaf scattered grass. I looked at the moon, it was full again.

Suddenly I heard voices, so without thinking I run forward following them .The voice in my head kept saying "Oh over there, oh wait there are over there".

After what felt like ages I came to a clearing, but there was nothing.
Quickly I looked down "Ha", I gasped.
Looking right at me where two...WOLVES.
"How can you talk", I said quickly.
"No sweety. You can talk", said the grey one.
"It's about time you looked in the mirror". Added the black wolf tossing his head towards the pond.
Slowly I walked towards it and looked down "AHHHHHH", I screamed "I'm a I'm a wolf! "I gasped finally.

"Shhhhh" called both of them,
"You'll wake up the...oh no", said one of the two in an annoyed voice, and at the same moment, something big started to move from the shadows.
I turned around to see 20 more rising. Now visible in the moonlight, was a wolf pack. As the creature moved closer, I took a step back and clumsily tripped over a rock. I saw a white wolf bound towards me and come to a halt by my side.
"Are you ok?", said a sweet female voice.
Slowly I nodded.
"There is nothing to be scared about. I'm Luna, these are my sons, Midnight (she pointed to the black one I had been talking to earlier on), and Mist (she pointed to the grey), oh and my husband Dusk, he is also the chief, and these are my daughters...",
"That's enough Luna", Dusk called from behind her.
"I want to give you this necklace to welcome you to the pack".
He held up a necklace with a wooden wolf as a pendent.
I watched each of them smile and bow as Dusk placed it on my neck.As I looked around, I noticed that all the wolves had a necklace. I tried to say thank you but a crowd of puppies came and licked me all over in celebration.

I closed my eyes but when I opened them again, I was no longer a wolf in the forest, but in my bed getting licked by my dog Truffle. Slowly, and feeling rather disappointed, I got out of bed. Yawning I stretched and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I froze. There was the necklace. "Was it a dream?" I asked myself...